Every person who enters The Forest Of Insanity (hereinafter "Haunted Houses") agrees that the Haunted Houses have inherent risks including but not limited to falling, sliding, tripping, slipping, coming into contact with moving objects or people, and all other risks including serious injury and death. Patrons also acknowledge the risks being exposed to fog or smoke, uneven floors, dark and fast slides, dimly lit stairs, snakes, darkness, loud noises, electrical shock, bright lights, and other scary surprises. By entering the Haunted Houses you agree that you have read your ticket and all other warnings and you agree to accept these risks and to release SEK Fear Factory, the Haunted Houses, and any of their owners, employees, agents, affiliates, and any representatives, from liability and damages for any and all claims, including NEGLIGENCE. Patron also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the owner or employees of the Haunted Houses from any expenses, including attorney fees, resulting from your entering into and participating in the Haunted Houses. Children under 12 will not be admitted without a legal guardian and no one should enter the Haunted Houses who has any medical condition that could be effected. Patrons may exit the Haunted Houses at any time.